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Our son has been seeing Krista for speech therapy since October 2016.  From the moment I met her I knew our son would respond well to her friendly personality.  I was correct, he felt very comfortable from day one. While Krista was doing her assessment it was like the two have been working together all along.  Krista was able to call out communication habits she felt concerning and effective ways to correct them.  We feel very fortunate to have found Krista and would recommend her to any family in need of a speech therapist.

- C. I.

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My son started speech therapy at Speak to Me about a year ago when he was 5.  He has been diagnosed with receptive/expressive language delays and struggled with having conversations appropriate for his age.  Krista quickly established a good rapport with him, figured out his learning styles and in a short span of time has been able to help him get caught up with communication milestones.  My son is now 6, has adjusted into kindergarten and continues to work on his social skills with Krista. Krista has a unique way of connecting with kids, my son always looks forward to his sessions with her.   

- Carla B.

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We are so happy we found Krista.  She has been a great resource for our daughter over the past year.   She took the time to fully understand her diagnosis and worked with us to develop a plan that would align with our daughters IEP goals and focus on the areas that would benefit her most.   Krista also provided excellent guidance and support as we migrated the complex IEP process with the school system.  Our daughter is so comfortable with Krista and looks forward to working with her on a weekly basis.  Our only wish was that we would have found  her sooner.

- Monique R.

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Krista is extremely patient and compassionate.  She is highly organized and works diligently to understand the specific needs of the children she works with.  Her flexible hours make it easy for parents with busy working schedules.    

- Michelle B.

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Miss Krista has been so nice to me.  She took me out to dinner and we had a lot of fun!  She is a special friend because she helped me with sounding out words that were hard to say.  She even helped me with my homework.  Miss Krista makes me really happy.   

- Isa

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